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  • Corporate governance continues to receive heightened attention from regulatory authorities globally.
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Executive view

Mr. Satish Sharma

Mr. Satish Sharma is the President-APMEA, Apollo Tyres.
~Satish Sharma

Mr. Neeraj Jain

Mr. Neeraj Jain is the CEO of Water Aid (India).
~Neeraj Jain

Mr. Om Manchanda

Dr. Om Manchanda is the CEO of Dr Lal PathLabs.
~Om Manchanda

Mr. Subrata Datta

It has always been assumed that social and business interests are antithetical to each other. Fabindia has proved quite conclusively that this need not be the case.
~Subrata Datta

Mr. Karan Bajwa

It has always been assumed that social and business interests are antithetical to each other. Fabindia has proved quite conclusively that this need not be the case.
~Karan Bajwa

Mr. Ashish Dhawan

We realize that no goal can be achieved at the ground level without bringing in changes at a policy level. Hence, we must strive to create an ecosystem for all the non-profit organizations and the reformers to come together and work on a common platform.
~Ashish Dhawan

Joe King

In India, we notice that today the trends are followed much faster and there is a latent hunger for luxury.
~Mr. Joe King
India Head, Audi

Ajay Shukla

Over the last 5 years the retail landscape in publishing has changed dramatically. We have seen a huge shift in the way in which consumers buy books – both in terms of the purchasing of physical books moving from just brick and mortar stores to include online retail, as well as the entry of ebooks into the market.
~Mr. Gaurav Shrinagesh
CEO, Penguin Random House India

Ajay Shukla

The long term play is tablets becoming a platform for a cohesive learning package ie books, assessments, multimedia/ streaming content.
~Ajay Shukla
Vice President & Managing Director
McGraw-Hill Education India

Franck Dardenne

The number of retailers who can sell very expensive time pieces is limited and therefore the expansion of these brands shall happen by adding additional value to the time pieces.
~Franck Dardenne
General Manager and Country Head,
LVMH Watches and Jewellery, Indian Subcontinent

Kishore Jayaraman

At GE, I could walk into a room and the moment I told anyone that I was a 23 year old veteran in the company, they would be all ears.
~Kishore Jayaraman
President India and South Asia, Rolls Royce

Santrupt Mishra

I don’t think everybody wants to be a CEO.
~Santrupt Mishra
Chief Executive Officer- Aditya Birla Carbon Black and
Group Head –Human Resources

Hari Krishnan

LinkedIn is not a trend and is not something which a teenager uses for a couple of years and then moves to a shinier new product.
~Hari Krishnan
Managing Director – APAC and Japan, LinkedIn

Palash Roy Chowdhury

Businesses don’t like to deal with ambiguity. Policies like the GAAR, which introduce uncertainty don’t help the investment scenario.
~Palash Roy Chowdhury

Sudhanshu Vats

Media is faster moving comparedto FMCG
~Sudhanshu Vats

Mr. Sachin and Binny Bansal

E-Commerce in a long term play~Flipkart Founders

Mrs. Vandana Luthra

Growth projections might get stymied due to lack of talent
~Vandana Luthra

Mr. Ajit Rangnekar

Indian HNI’s are unwilling to invest in their own country
~Ajit Rangnekar

Mr. Michael Perschke

Strong brands do not need brand ambassadors
~Michael Perschke

Mr. S. Sivakumar

Businesses cannot succeed in societies that fail
~S. Sivakumar s